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The Experience and Reputation of Galt & Company

Taking your publically traded business to the next level requires top executives and management focusing on the right priorities and making the right choices. But making these tough decisions and keeping the company on the right track isn’t typically easy. It takes a thorough understanding of the corporation’s goals and knowing where to turn for help. The latter is where Galt and Company CEO, Scott Gillis, comes in.


As the CEO, co-founder and senior managing director of Galt & Company, Gillis helps lead Fortune 500 companies to achieving superior shareholder returns through his understanding of the market and how to maximize shareholder value.


The Galt and Company CEO and his team at Galt & Company have an impressive track record of working with some of the world’s most successful corporations. Galt & Company has been a part of the success stories of major corporations such as Coca-Cola, Gillette, Clorox, McCormick, BB&T, Alcan, Abbott Laboratories, MeadWestvaco, Caterpillar and more.


With the direction and leader of an experienced Galt and Company CEO, these clients have delivered shareholder returns more than 50 percent higher than their industry peers. This is particularly remarkable considering less than two percent of publically traded companies are able to produce superior shareholder returns within their industry and sustain that success for more than five years.


Galt & Company is committed to helping companies reward all of their stakeholders. For more than 30 years, the business management consulting firm has helped its clients improve shareholder value. Gillis helps chief executives understand that the biggest impediment to delivering superior shareholder returns isn’t external competition; rather, it’s the decisions that are made and action that is taken internally by management. Guiding chief executives through these decisions and actions is what Galt & Company does best.


The insights of the Galt and Company CEO, as well as his fellow co-founders Lee Mergy and Joe Shalleck, are also shared with chief executives through their highly informational and intriguing book—“Beliefs, Behaviors, & Results: The Chief Executive’s Guide to Delivering Superior Shareholder Value.”


This useful book highlights five common traits of corporations that have achieved and sustained shareholder returns over time. The five traits are as follows: Establish a governing objective; Concentrate on market segment where profits are highly concentrated; Manage to a prioritized value-improvement agenda; Deploy differentiated strategies to satisfy customers; Build organizational conditions and capabilities.


With all of their experience and knowledge to go along with their trusted reputation who better than Galt & Company to help your business take the next step?