Delivering superior shareholder returns on a consistent basis is something all publically traded companies strive to do.  However, only two percent of Fortune 500 companies have been able to deliver shareholder returns in the top quarter of their industry for any five consecutive years.

Yet there are a select group of Fortune 500 companies that have consistently delivered shareholder returns at least 50% higher than their industry index.  Many of those corporations have been advised by Galt and Company.

Galt & Company, helps its clients develop the strategies and organizational capabilities need to achieve and sustain superior shareholder returns. For more than 30 years, the firm has advised major corporations such as Coca-Cola, Gillette, Clorox, McCormick, BB&T, Alcan, Abbott Laboratories, MeadWestvaco, Caterpillar and many others.

The impact of Galt & Company’s advice can be seen in the shareholder returns delivered by its clients and by the comments of its prior clients.

“Galt & Company partners are different from other top management advisors — they deliver results, not just recommendations.  They have had a tremendous impact on our results and an enduring impact on our organization’s capabilities.” – Travis Engen, former CEO, Alcan and ITT Industries

“The members of Galt & Company led a process with my team at Clorox, to create the strategies, capabilities and incentives that have driven excellent results – over the last three years our total shareholder returns have been 45% vs. 10% for the S&P 500.” – Don Knauss, former Chairman, CEO, Clorox

“Jim Kilts, Chairman and CEO is a friend of mine who has turned around several companies.  I asked him how he did this and he mentioned that he used a particular firm, Galt & Company.  Last fall we hired Galt & Company to look at our overall strategy … their insights were non-intuitive and highly impactful.” – John Allison, former Chairman and CEO, BB&T and former Chairman of CATO Institute

Galt and Company services the Americas, Europe and Asia from offices in New York, Chicago, London and Singapore.